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In case you’re sad here are some buns.

widdle soft softs

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Hello there!!! So here is another GIVEAWAY!
This time there is only one giveaway, but it is very BIG one!
You can have:
- one HUGE (comparing to A4) marine bag
- one MakoHaru pillow
- five magazines with Free!
- three HUGE posters
ALL new and fresh!!
All you need is to reblog this post (no follow needed, but I will be happy if you do!).
It is international!!
Closing date: 23 July.
Please, reblog it!!!
And thank you very much for taking part!

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Chrom: So this is what rejection feels like…

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Warning!  Three New Challengers Approaching!!

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do you ever have second-hand obsessions

like one of your friends is super obsessed with a thing so whenever you see something about it you’re like “YES THIS THING” but you’re not the one obsessed with it. they are. you know very little about this thing and yet it still excites you because it excites your friend

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